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Barbara Murray

Barbara Murray was a primary school teacher for many years before she began writing Sound Waves, a Whole School Phonemic Approach to Reading and Spelling in 2000. The program is now widely used across Australia and in some schools overseas.

Teaching was her passion, and a phonemic approach featured daily in all her classes across the whole primary school. She loved developing a curiosity about language in her students.

Today, the third edition of Sound Waves includes an amazing, interactive website set up by her publisher, Firefly Education, that provides schools with a huge range of games, activities, teaching ideas and support, as well as the original student activity books and teacher resource books.

A phonemic approach to literacy is based on the 43 sounds we use in Australian spoken English. The very first step is to introduce the 43 sounds to beginning readers and writers.

Barbara is now publishing 43 stories illustrated by Sarah Hardy and compiled by Little Steps, for teachers and parents to introduce the 43 sounds to young children. These stories will be spread across a set of four beautifully illustrated books, Sound Stories.



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Sound Stories 1: The Bolton Boys' Balloon Adventure

author: Barbara Murray
illustrator: Sarah Hardy

ages 6-10
ISBN 9781925545074
RRP $24.95

Sound Stories: The Bolton Boys Balloon Adventure is the first in a series of four books to help children learn phonemic awareness. Through stunningly detailed illustrations from Sarah Hardy, and clever and engaging stories from teacher and wordsmith, Barbara Murray, children will have a joyful introduction to phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics.

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