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Barton Williams

Barton Williams is a teacher, writer, TV producer and actor. Barton is extremely passionate about social education through literacy and the Skool Rox series is a clear example of this. His vast experience within boy’s education and engaging children in physical activity led him to winning a NSW sports safety award.



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Angry Mangry

author: Barton Williams
illustrator: Benjamin Johnston

ages 5-8
ISBN 9780980723748
RRP $24.95

'Benjamin was ANGRY MANGRY'. Angry Mangry? What's that? Discover more about being Angry Mangry by joining Benjamin and the Skool Rox characters as they venture through everyday school events. Angry Mangry is the first book of the Skool Rox series and is guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about 'Chilling to the Max!'

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