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Belinda Nowell

Belinda Nowell is a writer, producer and author of the children’s book Who’s Got a Normal Family?. With a background in acting, she has worked in the arts since she was a young adult.
Born in Perth, Western Australia, Belinda spent the first part of her life in regional towns with her parents, where they ran out-of-home care facilities for children. In the years that followed, Belinda became a big sister to five siblings. After years away from W.A. and over international travel, the Western Australian landscapes are still her favourite.

Belinda now lives on Sydney’s northern beaches with her two children, Max and Frances, and her husband, Scott.



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Who's Got a Normal Family

author: Belinda Nowell

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781925117752
RRP $24.95

‘Are we normal?’ he asked. Mum gave Alex her brightest smile. ‘Absolutely NOT … but why don’t we find out who is?’   A celebration of unique, thriving and fun families.  

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