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Dana Brown

Having never recieved a letter asking her to attend Hogwarts, Dana decided to pursue a creative career in the muggle world instead. She received her Advanced Diploma of Design and Illustration in Sydney, and now works as a designer and illustrator in London. She works mostly digitally, but sometimes dabbles in watercolour, ink , coloured pencils, or salt on black paper. She hopes to one day be lucky enough to own a dog like Dotty.



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Dotty and the Magpie

author: Jackie Wells
illustrator: Dana Brown

ages 3-5
ISBN 9781925117295
RRP $16.95

Dotty is a black and white spotty dog. She dearly wants to be brightly coloured, just like the creatures in her dreams … until a friendly magpie takes her on trip to see the beauty and value in being black and white.

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