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Elizabeth Shingleton

Elizabeth was born in bayside Melbourne, growing up with a love of words and a passion for performance. After completing a BA (Media Studies), life steered itself towards the entertainment industry and she began work as an actor on television programs including Neighbours and Blue Heelers. Elizabeth then travelled the world, returning three years later to complete an MA (Professional Communication) and journey up the east coast of Australia, via the sea! Back on dry land, she continues to work as an actor and freelance writer.



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author: Elizabeth Shingleton
illustrator: Paula Ferendinos

ages 4-8
ISBN 9780980575026
RRP $24.95

Itchy Ritchy and his swarm of houseflies love to feast on human filth. But there is one problem; humans hate them hanging around! Will flies and humans ever be able to live in harmony? See who gets swatted in this tale of bravery acceptance and a particularly pongy plan. Swat! contains an environmental undercurrent due to the very nature of the relationship between humans and houseflies. 

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