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Eugenie Lumbers

Eugenie Lumbers spent many years sailing up and down the East Coast of Australia, with holidays in Broken Bay and in Port Stephens, NSW. One of her favourite places for anchoring, swimming and diving off the boat is Fame Cove. Summers just seemed to be so full of sun and sea. Obviously these waters just have to be the home of the merfolk, Marilla, Jerry and their families. Offshore is filled with islands and adventures.

The freedom of the sea, the dolphins that play around the bow of a sailing yacht, slapping their tails as you leave their territory, all encouraged Eugenie to write this story.

Eugenie trained in medicine and is a medical scientist so her love of science has intermingled with her love of the sea. She is married with three children and five grand children and lives in the bush near Wingham in NSW.



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Mystery in Mer

author: Eugenie Lumbers

ages 8-10
ISBN 9781925117967
RRP $19.95

Marilla and Jerry are two merfolk who live in the waters of Port Stephens, where they have many friends in the sea and on the shores. Years ago, when she was very small, Marilla’s parents disappeared. Now she only has her grandmother to care for her. On a trip with her dolphin friends up the east coast of Australia, Marilla learns of the mystery of Esmeralda Cove. Convinced it involves the fate of her lost family, she is determined to solve it. Marilla and Jerry embark on a dangerous adventure.  

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