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Fiona Levings

Fiona Levings is a Tasmanian-based author/illustrator. Mother to a beautiful, sleep-allergic child, she went for a walk late one wild and windy night and saw a moonbow. Once she’d gotten home and Googled it (to make sure that her overtired brain wasn’t just seeing things), she went to ask Myrtlewump, who was digging for worms in her front yard, if he’d ever seen one. Apparently, he had.



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The Moonbow

author: Fiona Levings

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781925117677
RRP $16.95

“Myrtlewump and Mutterbee were two best friends who did not always agree.”   When one room faces east and the other faces west, how can they tell that they are just looking at different versions of the same thing?   

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