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Francesca Quatraro

Francesca has been illustrating for fifteen years and is passionate about hearing and telling stories. Not only stories that end up in books, but also personal stories about everyday people. It is from these stories that her ‘customised illustrations’ project was born. Francesca lives in a small city in southern Italy and her designs can be found all over the world. She works to promote reading in adults and children alike.



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The Magic Mail Fairy

author: Sonia Audoly
illustrator: Francesca Quatraro

ages 5-8
ISBN 978-1-925545-52-4
RRP $14.95

Nina loves to visit her aunts, because they have a very magical friend. The Magic Mail Fairy! When Nina goes to stay with her aunts for an especially long visit, she discovers the joys of receiving and writing letters with the help of her aunts and her new magical pen pal.


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