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Fred Strassberg

Fred Strassberg, a father of three and grandfather of four, lives in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney with his wife, Catherine, and his dog, a stumpy-tailed English Pointer. Fred is trying to teach the dog to find where his golf balls have disappeared to in the bush; so far, the dog has failed to find even one ball. When not playing golf, Frank is writing stories about spiders, elephants and his favourite person, Mr Santa Claus. Fred has believed in the Claus family ever since he received his first Christmas gift, a puppy dog by the name of Margaret Peggy O’Neil. In fact, all his children, grandchildren, wife and the dog believe in Santa Claus. Fred also believes in lefthanded chalk, that the world is flat and round, and the country that controls gravity, controls the world.



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How Santa Arrived at the North Pole

author: Fred Strassberg
illustrator: Graeme Compton

ages 6-10
ISBN 9781925117271
RRP $14.95

Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves haven’t always lived at the North Pole. They moved from country to country as Santa discovered that it’s not easy training skunks, elephants, camels and kangaroos to fly his sleigh.

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