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Grace Chen

Grace Chen is a young illustrator and student residing in Sydney. Her days are spent working at ‘If U Like ART’ studio in Brookvale, studying Media Arts at UNSW Art and Design, and spending time with her friends. She

favours using colourful mediums such as acrylics, watercolours, digital media and colour pencils, to create soft, yet lively illustrations. She hopes to continue improving her art, and own a cat or two in the future.



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Jelly and the Leaf

author: Mary McCaffrey
illustrator: Grace Chen

ages 5-8
ISBN 9781925545517
RRP $24.95

It doesn't matter if flying's in Jelly's blood, he's too afraid to jump! Inner strength is what he needs, but can he find the strength he needs to learn to fly?

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My Magical Kingdom: Unicorn Gifts

author: Sandie Bouton
illustrator: Grace Chen

ages 3-7
ISBN 9781925117608
RRP $14.95

‘The animals and creatures of The Magical Kingdom are waiting for you. They have beautiful gifts that they wish to share with you …’ Follow the path through the Enchanted Forest and discover the magical gifts of strength, transformation, wisdom, healing grace and cohesion, as you are guided by the lanterns inside.

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Lily and the Magic Wall

author: Stefanie Godinho
illustrator: Grace Chen

ages 4-7
ISBN 9781925117332
RRP $16.95

It’s Lily the dog’s birthday, and also the day of her highly anticipated birthday party. While out on a walk before her party, she discovers a magic wall that leads her to a cave with six differently shaped doors. What exciting surprises are behind these mysterious doors? And will Lily make it back home in time for her birthday party?

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Bronwyn Blackbird

author: Debora Pollock
illustrator: Grace Chen

ISBN 9781925117172
RRP $16.95

Bronwyn Blackbird has one wish: to live in a grand garden. One day, Bronwyn discovers that if she finds a golden worm, it will grant her a wish. Does Bronwyn find the golden worm? Will she get her wish?

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