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Jessica Freeman

Jess is an illustrator and designer from Sydney, Australia. She works across a range of mediums combining traditional and digital methods.

After studying fine arts and arts management, Jess worked in freelance graphic design and ran a handmade business for a number of years, then switched her focus entirely to design and illustration. She completed a Certificate IV in Design through TAFE (Enmore Design Centre) in 2015, and is currently studying a Diploma of Illustration (Graphic Design).



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Heather Feather

author: Diana Wilson
illustrator: Jessica Freeman

ages 8-10
ISBN 9781925545005
RRP $19.95

Heather Feather is a baby emperor penguin from Antarctica. She sets off in this environmentally-concerned information story, all the way around Australia. Join her and learn about the coastal cities and animals she sees, as well as the degradation of habitat, and pollution, that really gets her goat.  

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