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Joachim Gevert

Joachim Gevert was born in Cooma, NSW. He moved to Sydney at the age of four and has lived there ever since. He has a background in engineering, and he considers his fourteen-year-old Fox Terrier, Hershey, to be one of his best friends.

He’s incredibly excited for The Man in the Panama Hat to enter the world. He has many more adventures (and tribulations) planned for the Man in the Panama Hat that he would love to share.



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The Man in the Panama Hat and the Windy, Windy Day

author: Joachim Gevert
illustrator: Ffranses Ingram

ages 6-8
ISBN 9781925545418
RRP $16.95

The Man in the Panama Hat would love nothing more than staying indoors.

Every time he leaves the house, something goes wrong. Can Mr Black Cat convince his friend to venture outside and have some fun?
A windy, windy day awaits!

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