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Jyoti Di-Cola

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Suki and the Seedling

author: Michelle Path
illustrator: Jyoti Di-Cola

ISBN 9781925117080
RRP $19.95

Suki lives in a world without trees. That is, until one day, she discover a seedling. News travels fast and everyone wants a tree of their own. Planting seeds from the tree, more seedlings begin to grow and the land begins to transform into a green and beautiful place to live. Join Suki and discover what happens as the world is once again populated with trees and the colour green.

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Timberleys of Tingira Bay

author: Margi Law
illustrator: Jyoti Di-Cola

ISBN 9781921928666
RRP $16.95

After the death of their parents, Sarah, Adam and Emma Timberley are sent to Blackstone Orphanage. When Ted and Molly Clark become their foster parents, things begin to look up for the Timberley children. Until Adam and his friend, Matt, find an escaped prisoner in the national park ... 

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