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Karen Mounsey-Smith

Karen is an illustrator and designer living in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. Karen grew up in beautiful New Zealand, where as soon as she could hold a pencil, she was drawing and colouring. These days (when not basking in the sun with her two soppy cats), Karen can be found squirrelled away in her art studio, illustrating picture books and educational material for school children.



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My Nanna Nelly Will Tour the Illawarra Tomorra

author: Sean Williams
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781925117547
RRP $16.95

Have you always wanted to be where the mountains meet the sea? Ever wanted to go to where the tumbling waters flow? Would you like to explore towns from Helensburgh to Dunmore? Taste the culinary delights of Kembla Heights and sip tea for two in Jamberoo? Follow the bush tracks that criss-cross the mountain range, or watch the horses race at Kembla Grange? Come join me and my Nanna Nelly tomorra, when we tour across the great Illawarra!

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Daniel and the Dummy Fairy

author: Leisa Papa
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ages 2-5
ISBN 9781925117417
RRP $16.95

Daisy the Dummy Fairy has a very special job to do. When children grow big enough to give away their dummies, she flutters into their house at night to collect them, leaving every child a surprise to find in the morning! Daniel has just turned two and is ready to give away his dummies ... What will happen when he meets Daisy the Dummy Fairy?

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Fluffy's Tale

author: Megan Newell
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ages 3-5
ISBN 9781925117462
RRP $16.95

‘Fluffy wanted a perfect new friend, a new best friend who was just right.’   Fluffy leaves home because Zac and Zoe have brought home a new kitten. She goes looking for a friend, but no-one she meets seems right - until she meets a butterfly who teaches her a few things about friendship.

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Are You An Alien?

author: Felicity Rawlinson
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ISBN 9781925117158
RRP $19.95

Join Gabriel, a curious young boy from Earth, as he takes off on an adventure in search of aliens. 

Beautifully illustrated by Karen Mounsey-Smith, this entertaining book is the perfect choice to introduce young children to our solar system.

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The Pink Pirate

author: Michelle Worthington
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ages 4-8
ISBN 9781921928932
RRP $17.95

Georgia had spent her whole life at sea. As a baby, she would crawl around the deck with balloons tied to her nappy for when she fell overboard. More than anything else, Georgia wanted to be a pirate captain like her father. But because she was a girl, Ginger John made her wear a pink dress with buttons and bows and told her to stay below deck when the real pirate fun began. Will Georgia become a real pirate?

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