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Leisa Papa

Leisa Papa majored in Communications and Sociology at university, and went on to work in sales and marketing for 15 years. She found her new calling once she became a mother, and now spends her time in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with her husband, son and daughter. The character of Daisy came to life when Leisa’s son Daniel was two and half years old, and Leisa penned this story to remove the distress from the process of fading out the dummy, making it a fun adventure instead.



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Daniel and the Dummy Fairy

author: Leisa Papa
illustrator: Karen Mounsey-Smith

ages 2-5
ISBN 9781925117417
RRP $16.95

Daisy the Dummy Fairy has a very special job to do. When children grow big enough to give away their dummies, she flutters into their house at night to collect them, leaving every child a surprise to find in the morning! Daniel has just turned two and is ready to give away his dummies ... What will happen when he meets Daisy the Dummy Fairy?

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