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Lyn Lawrence

Lyn currently works as the Teacher-Librarian of a secondary co-educational college in Rockhampton teaching Information Literacy and Research Skills to approximately 800 students and loves it! She is also able to read and buy lots of books! Lyn was honoured to receive the title of Queensland Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award 2008. Living in rural Queensland gave her an insight to life on the land. Lyn has experienced floods and drought. She loves her horses and foals and all the native animals and birds that live on their property. Her German Shepherd is a constant companion. These experiences of rural life and her grand-children are the source of the ideas for her books and poetry. Lyn is a member of the Australian Society of Authors and Queensland Writers Centre. She also writes poetry for Cherububble, an online website promoting Australian literature for 4-8 year olds.



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Grandad's Gift

author: Lyn Lawrence
illustrator: Cath Chegwidden

ages 5-10
ISBN 9781921042980
RRP $16.99

Lilian is visiting Grandad's property. As they ride their horses through the Australian bush, they see many different animals and birds. Grandad tells Lillian stories about Aboriginal stockmen, their cattle skills and life on the land. A small keepsake by her grandfather is a gift she'll treasure forever. 

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