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Lynda Calder

Lynda Calder has always liked to write; from Kindergarten to the HSC, creative writing was second only in popularity to Maths (and, maybe Science). A mother of two teenage boys, former Electrical Engineer, Physics/Maths teacher and now, professional volunteer, she has woven her experiences and expertise into novel that plays with time travel in The Enigma Diaries.



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The Enigma Diaries: Forgotten Future

author: Lynda Calder

ages 8-12
ISBN 9781925117660
RRP $19.95

Actions have consequences and can test even the strongest of friendships, but do they change time? Time travel has linked the future, past and present, yet why does The Lady have no memory of the events happening around her? Fifteen-year-old Cassandra Jessica Reid has been propelled onto a path over which she has no control, and when she accidentally ends up back in the future, she will need to travel the devastated Basileus Region through the past and the far future, to return to the present and escape the Nephilim’s retribution, bring her new school friend Peony home, and try to restore the forgotten future.

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