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Madeleine Simmons

Madeleine Simmons enjoys life on the family farm, where she lives with

her husband and family. They live a stone’s throw from the village of

Nevertire, a name the family aspires to live up to. Life on the farm is fulfilling and busy, with every day full of adventure and challenge.

Madeleine has enjoyed a lifetime of reading and telling stories.

Raised on Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton, she began writing in her

childhood. Homemade editions of magazines and books were the norm on

every rainy day, providing hours of fun for her eager younger siblings.

Madeleine loves practicing, teaching and living yoga. Headstands,

reading, and writing are her passions – she is still perfecting doing

these simultaneously.



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ages 8-10
ISBN 9781925117998
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Andrew is leaving behind his childhood on the big and dusty outback property in western NSW, as he and his family move inland to a more settled hills area of the Warrumbungle Mountains.  There is the strange and lonely man next door – a recluse around whom much gossip grows; there are everyday farm chores and school work to be done, and a steady trickle of visitors coming to spend time with the family.  The biggest misadventure of all is wrought by nature itself as Andrew becomes lost in the rugged back country, amid a destructive bush fire.  A charming children’s novel about a boy on the cusp of growing up, leaving his isolated childhood behind him, and finding his place in the wider community.

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