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Mary McCaffrey

Mary was born in Dublin. She trained as a Registered Nurse and specialised in Palliative Care Nursing for 15 years, both in Dublin and Sydney. She then discovered a flair for business, owning several restaurants and coffee shops in Sydney. Mary also became interested in The Work of Byron Katie in 2010 and is a Certified Facilitator of The Work. She has published a children’s story called ‘Jelly And The Leaf’. She now spends her time involved in her current restaurant, coaching clients in The Work and occasionally offering her services as a Death Doula.

Qualifications: Registered Nurse, Post Grad Dip Palliative Care Nursing, Certified Life Coach, Graduate Practitioner NLP, Certified Practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie.



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Jelly and the Leaf

author: Mary McCaffrey
illustrator: Grace Chen

ages 5-8
ISBN 9781925545517
RRP $24.95

It doesn't matter if flying's in Jelly's blood, he's too afraid to jump! Inner strength is what he needs, but can he find the strength he needs to learn to fly?

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