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Mitch Revs

Mitch Revs is a born and bred Novocastrian, working full-time as a freelance artist. Mitch has

had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects across Australia and America, with

his powerful imagery and signature style. He’s well known for his colourful cartoon caricatures

and bright beachside scenes - most of which are a reflection of his coastal lifestyle. Growing

up by the ocean has played a major role in the style and direction of Mitch’s art today. Joel

and Mitch have been friends for years, so when Joel asked Mitch to jump on board, Mitch

didn’t think twice!



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Stand Up, Stand Out

author: Joel Pilgrim
illustrator: Mitch Revs

ages 6-10
ISBN 978-1-925545-24-1
RRP $24.95

When Parry decides to dress up in fancy dress and head to the beach, he’s blown away by what happens next ... Join Parry and Tuey on their exciting adventures of self-discovery, with one powerful message – it’s OK to be different.

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