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Naya Ivashchuk

In 1991, Kyiv, Ukraine, there was born a young illustrator of children books. Her name was Naya. She spent her childhood years on the edge of forest in a small wooden house, being surrounded by a loving family and tenants of the wood. One of her favourite stories was Peter Pan,
the boy that never grows up. Just like Peter, Naya dreamed of staying a child as long as possible, to be able to spend more time in the world of fairies, trolls and other magical creatures. Even though staying a child forever was not going to happen, Naya found a way to keep the fairytale world close to her, and became an illustrator of children’s books.
Being all grown up now, Naya still puts a little bit of magic in each
and every illustration she creates. Aside from illustrating books
for children, Naya makes onsite exhibitions in collaboration with exceptional and talented illustrators, takes part in various art projects and teaches children the art of drawing.



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illustrator: Naya Ivashchuk

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And they're off! A boy and a tortoise become fast friends as they prepare for the biggest event in town - the monthly tortoise race. It's not winning that counts, but that won't stop this tortoise from being the fastest tortoise on the block!

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Cody the Pony

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illustrator: Naya Ivashchuk

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Mimi is excited; she is going to be getting a pony! But before she can meet Cody and start riding him, she has a lot to prepare to prepare and learn.

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