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Growing up in rural Australia, surrounded by a family of poets and writers who liked to laugh a lot, Robyn Press began writing poetry and humorous stories from an early age. Now a grown-up but still young at heart, Robyn has spent more than twenty years as a primary teacher, engaging little people all around the world through storytelling and inspiring them to love books. Her biggest fans are her husband, three daughters and her fluffy pup named Barney. When she isn’t writing or teaching in her hometown of Brisbane, Robyn loves drinking good coffee, running a long way early in the mornings, and will find any excuse to wear fancy dress (often in the classroom).



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author: Robyn Press
illustrator: Caitlin Miller

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781925117257
RRP $16.95

Everybody knows the story of Goldilocks, the little girl who broke the chair, ate the porridge, and slept in the beds of the three Bears. This rhyming version tells her side of the tale – a series of innocent accidents all in the work of a house decorator.

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