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Sandie Bouton

Sandie Bouton spent her childhood surrounded by animals and creatures, both real and fantastical, and was continually told that she was “o with the fairies” and had an overactive imagination. Sandie continued her love of animals and mystical creatures, especially the unicorn, into her adult life. It was then that the rst book in the ‘My Magical Kingdom’ series was conceived in the form of Unicorn Gifts. Sandie works in children’s mental health and has used her love of igniting a child’s imagination to facilitate counselling and guided meditation for children. Sandie continues to happily nourish and embrace her inner child.



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My Magical Kingdom: Unicorn Gifts

author: Sandie Bouton
illustrator: Grace Chen

ages 3-7
ISBN 9781925117608
RRP $14.95

‘The animals and creatures of The Magical Kingdom are waiting for you. They have beautiful gifts that they wish to share with you …’ Follow the path through the Enchanted Forest and discover the magical gifts of strength, transformation, wisdom, healing grace and cohesion, as you are guided by the lanterns inside.

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