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Sarah Hardy

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Sound Stories 1: The Bolton Boys' Balloon Adventure

author: Barbara Murray
illustrator: Sarah Hardy

ages 6-10
ISBN 9781925545074
RRP $24.95

Sound Stories: The Bolton Boys Balloon Adventure is the first in a series of four books to help children learn phonemic awareness. Through stunningly detailed illustrations from Sarah Hardy, and clever and engaging stories from teacher and wordsmith, Barbara Murray, children will have a joyful introduction to phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics.

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Barnowlby Bubbles

author: Elisabeth Hardy
illustrator: Sarah Hardy

ages 3-10
ISBN 9780980723731
RRP $24.95

Baby owl's magical bubble blowing brings order to the lives of his farmyard friends, but can they find him a name? There was oink-ing and quacking and even a neigh, as each bubble burst in its magical way. A delightful rhyming tale, beautifully illustrated which will enchant children and adults. 

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