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Sarah Owens

Sarah has always had a strong passion for words. Since graduating from university, she spent most of her career working in the city as a professional corporate writer. After relocating to a remote outback town to be with her partner, a farmer, she started writing children’s books to compensate for a shortfall at the local library. Up until now, Sarah has only shared these books with her children. Granny, Wait for Me! is Sarah’s first book to be published, with a promise of many to come in the future.



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Granny, Wait for Me!

author: Sarah Owens
illustrator: Anil Tortop

ages 3-5
ISBN 9781925117400
RRP $14.95

Granny sounds her bike horn and quickly takes the lead. But soon she’s out of eyesight, ‘Granny, wait for me!’ I plead. A whimsical and fun-filled story of a lively granny’s trip to the park with her grandson, which all begins with a bike race …

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