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Shivaun Clifton

Shivaun Clifton is an ICU nurse who works in one of Brisbane’s biggest hospitals. She is married with two little princesses, Charlotte (Lottie) and Poppy (Pop), who are 7 and 6. She has always encouraged the girls to believe in fairies and embrace all the magic that comes along. Having always wanted to produce a book, Shivaun wrote Lottie and Pop at the Fairy Queen’s Ball, and when a colleague suggested the talented Kirilee as illustrator, the partnership of Lottipops was born.



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Lottie and Pop at the Fairy Queen's Ball

author: Shivaun Clifton
illustrator: Kirilee West

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781925117301
RRP $19.95

'At the end of the garden, underneath some rocks, was a village of fairies who lived in teapots.' 

Join Lottie and Pop on their magical adventure to the Fairy Queen’s Ball! 

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