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Sophie Scahill

Sophie Scahill is a graphic designer and painter. She has been in the design and fine art industry for over 20 years. Sophie’s digital compositions combine flat planes of colour with textured layers to create mood and depth.



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The Best Birthday Cake in the World

author: Jedidah Morley
illustrator: Sophie Scahill

ISBN 9781925117066
RRP $14.95

Ruby wants the best birthday cake in the whole wide world.It needs to have pink and white frosting, a crown made of lollies and a wand that sparkles. Ruby hopes that her mum, known for burning toast and charcoaling sausages, is up for the challenge!

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author: Amy Laizans
illustrator: Sophie Scahill

ages 3-6
ISBN 9781921928895
RRP $14.95

Jane and her best friend have nearly everything in common — except their ethnicities. In Sisters, their friendship is put to the test over questions of race and immigration. Can their friendship survive?

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