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Toni Brisland

Toni Brisland loves animals and nature and when she is not reading and writing she’s volunteering for The Children’s Book Council of Australia. During her career as a teacher, HR manager and corporate lawyer, Toni’s hobby was to write poetry, junior novels and picture books. After winning a number of awards for unpublished authors, she published her first print book in 2010.

Toni lives in Sydney with her husband and pets. She has degrees in Psychology and Law writes full time and is available for school visits. Visit her websites and



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What Now Baby Bears?

author: Toni Brisland
illustrator: Emma Stuart

ISBN 9781921928697
RRP $14.95

Mother Bear and her cubs love to frolic in the wilderness. One Spring when they awake after hibernating, they discover that their world has changed. Humans have moved into their forest and a busy road runs through their habitat. What will happen to the bears? Beautifully illustrated and sensitively told, this heartwarming and educational story celebrates humans and animals living together in harmony.


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